Exploring the Braddock Body Process

Carolyn invites you to be in life fully!

Tai Ji is a way to deal with life, which is ever changing. It is said that in the circle, there is “no beginning and no end.” When one movement ends, another begins fluidly, and continuously. The circle continues, as does life! No matter what your experience has been, this is a new beginning!

Get in touch with your possibilities!

Take the next step!

Sink into your heels. Use your entire foot to experience that next step. Which direction do you want to go? Experiment with different directions. How do your feet connect with the ground? With the support of the feet as you walk, the body can be centered.

Now take another step! Do it again!


Use the body effectively and without effort. Experiment with Being and not Doing. Being means going with the forces of nature, not against them.

Stay focused. There is no need for force!

Express and Release!

Write feelings or issues you want to express and release in the sand. Then watch the waves come in and take them away. Be patient as it may take a while. Breathe as you write, using your entire body to move as you express into the sand. Keep writing and releasing.

Here is an example of releasing fear.

A Metaphor of Life!

Watch as the ocean erases what you wrote. Breathe deeply. Listen carefully to the ocean expanding and contracting. Using all your senses, rest and pay attention to what you see, feel, hear, taste and smell. In this case, a metaphor for the energy of life as it washes away your fear.

What would you express?

The Road Ahead!

Breathe deeply, inhale and exhale Slowly. Open your arms as you expand your space around you. Quiet the thoughts and body. Hear the sounds of your breath inhaling and exhaling, rising and falling, short and long, loud and soft. Safe journey on the road ahead!

“I wander into wonder”  -Carolyn Braddock

“Be strong then, and enter into your own body. There you have a solid place for your feet…don’t go off somewhere else…stand firm in that which you are.”  -Kabir

Listen to the sound of the waves!

Let your breathing ebb and flow like the tides.

Slow Down!

Your body image! A Creative Arts Activity!

On the beach, we trace our bodies in the sand. Gathering sticks, shells, feathers, seaweed, we then scoop out memories, messages, and uncomfortable patterns. Holding the scooped out sand with both hands, release it to the ocean. Lie in the image now. What do you experience?

Your body is your personal work of art!

Commune with nature!

We go to play in nature. Nature comes to play with us. Sometimes it's just this simple.

This seagull is a workshop participant!

Connect with your core strength!

An old evergreen reminds us about integrity of self, and inner strength. Your core self is always whole, untouched by wounds and disappointments. Move from your core.

Rediscover your integrity!

The Vital Tool of Sound!

Allow the full range of feelings! Use sound. Let your breath have some sound, like the waves roaring as they strike the rocks.

As with breathing, the expression of sound contributes to the process of recapturing one’s own voice, literally and symbolically.

Feelings are energy. The expression of feeling reconnects us with our power. Regain your voice through sound.

Discover, explore, and practice meditation!

Learning to meditate requires practice, and yet it can be ultimately simple. Listening to your breathing is a great way to begin. Follow your breath as you breathe. Keep returning to your breath.

Take time for yourself!