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The Retreat will combine TWO workshops into one: The Ojai Retreat described below, and one on Specific Strategies to Release Stress quickly and effectively. We will also focus on Metaphors and how they are used and reflected in daily life.

Tune Up and Tune In Find your “Mojo” which is the essence of who you are, and that quality that sets you apart from everyone else. This may also include your passion, purpose, confidence, career choices, transitions, and motivation. Find Balance between “doing” and “being.” Find Rest in the Midst of Stress, with a focus on simple daily, fluid practice of specific techniques to manage and reduce stress. Learn empowering strategies to unwind, and release stress with ease. What is the next step, or goal in your life? How will you get there? What questions would you like answered? Find that breath of “fresh air” in Self Care.

Gather tools for the discovery of the Self, while developing a daily practice that enters into the core of self, physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Learn ways to create what you need/want in order to be in life fully.
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UCLArts and Healing Social Emotional Arts (SEA) Certificate Program


Programs available.

Carolyn Braddock will present her work at the UCLArts and Healing Social Emotional Arts (SEA) Certificate Program.

The Social Emotional Arts (SEA) Certificate Program empowers educators and community arts professionals in maximizing social-emotional benefits of arts experiences, and minimizing self-judgment and anxiety that can impede learning. Training is interactive and experiential, and features the use of sound, rhythm, movement, and other creative approaches to group behavior management, verbal and nonverbal communication, managing special needs and integration with typical students, traumatic responses and self-care, strengthening personal presentation skills, and evaluating program outcomes.


SEA also offers best practices in the multiple disciplines of art, dance/movement, drumming, music, poetry, and theater because of their symbiotic benefits. The program not only teaches structured and scripted activities that can be used in the community, but also teaches trainees how to develop their own curricula.


Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress


In this workshop, a variety of ways to calm the nervous system and bring balance between doing and being in life will be learned. We will have the opportunity to practice various strategies, identify and refine the ones that work best for us, and leave with a game plan for finding rest on different levels. Rather than allowing stress to accumulate, we will first learn to recognize when we are becoming off-balance and to immediately apply simple and specific strategies involving breath, sound, and movement that can have effects in one to two minutes. We will also learn other strategies for stress reduction such as sensory imagination, acupressure points for relaxation, and Tai Ji- and Qi Gong-based movement. The techniques taught in this workshop are also helpful for managing stress responses to traumatic events and every day stressful situations, including the upcoming holidays.

“...these [tools] are easy to apply to everyday life.”
–past participant.

Carolyn Braddock, MA is a nationally and internationally known consultant, educator, trainer, and group facilitator who specializes in innovative mind/body approaches to managing stress. Many of these methods are based on The Braddock Body Process — a body-centered approach based in Tai Ji and Qi Gong movement and philosophy, whereby individuals learn to identify and respond to signals of stress in their distinctive patterns of breath, movement, and sound. She received intensive training in family therapy at the Colorado Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy and studied extensively with renowned pioneer psychiatrist Carl Whitaker in the field of family therapy. She founded the Institute on Child Abuse and Neglect in l981 through the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver and The Professional Psychology Department at the University of Northern Colorado. In addition to working with individuals, couples, families, groups, and businesses in areas such as addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder, Carolyn serves as a mentor to graduate students, supervisor for psychotherapists, consultant/trainer at the Chi Chi Rodriquez Youth Foundation (an organization for at risk youth in Florida), guest lecturer at California State University Northridge and at the University of Denver, and is a featured presenter for organizations, conferences, and national/international symposia. She is the author of Body Voices: Using the Power of Breath, Sound, and Movement to Heal and Create New Boundaries.