Chi Chi Rodriguez

“No man stands so tall as he who stoops to help a child.”

“We have the only golf course in the world where, when you play, you help needy children.”
…………………………………………………….-Chi Chi Rodriguez

Carolyn Braddock follows the Tao in her body centered approach as an educator and consultant. She is one of the most caring and warm-hearted individuals amongst the helping and nurturing professionals. I applaud her success integrating bodywork, Tai Ji and lifelong learning in her giving and sharing. I consider her a kindred spirit in the Living Tao.

Chungliang Al Huang

If we could view our planet Earth through a soul-telescope, it might appear to us like one big gaping wound: wounded nations, wounded families, wounded individuals. To catch a glimpse of this soul-vision is like hearing a call to become a healer, wounded as we ourselves are - a wounded healer.

Few people I have met have responded to this call with the generosity and integrity with which Carolyn Braddock has responded. With a fine ear for the voices of the wounded soul in every fiber of the body, she has dedicated her life to the task of healing. Her book, Body Voices, and her workshops continue to inspire and teach not only health professionals but anyone eager for improvement of sensitivity and skill in the most urgent task we face today, the task of healing our wounded world.

Brother David Steindl-Rast
Author: Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer,
The Listening Heart, The Music of Silence, and More.

Ron Borczon is Professor, Music Department Chair and Co-Coordinator of Music Therapy Department at California State University Northridge, where he founded the Music Therapy Department in 1984. He has traveled the world to help survivors of disasters and other traumas deal with their problems through music. Ron often leads a music session at Carolyn's Ojai retreats. He guides the group with drums and other instruments, to find the rhythm and “soul” of our journey called Life. He says, “Music helps you get out those emotions you can’t really express with words. It also brings you together with others in rhythm and helps you communicate and create bonds without having to say anything.”

His new book “Life's Lessons Through Your Guitar” is an inspirational book on how learning and playing the guitar can teach you about life.

He has also authored Music Therapy: Group Vignettes, and Music Therapy: A Fieldwork Primer.

Tony Allina, M.D. from Santa Barbara, California, specializes in the medical applications of meditation. He often instructs workshop participants in Autogenic Training, a form of Somatic Meditation. His voice and words of encouragement help us to enter into the wisdom of the body, and his interventions using meditation are certainly a gift to use daily.

“To Carolyn who recognized that I was wandering and guided me back home.”

Carmen Renee Berry
NY Times Best Selling Author/Book Coach

Carmen is a New York Times best-selling author who has authored/co-authored and ghost written over 20 books. She has been featured on Oprah and People Magazine, and numerous other well-known TV shows and publications. Her books are distributed world-wide, in many languages.

Carmen was a social worker before she became a published author working with child abuse survivors. She draws from her experience as a counselor and her personal journey of healing.

Helen Dolas is Adjunct Professor at California State University Northridge and CEO and Founder of Arts and Services for the Disabled. She often joins us in retreats with her gift of voice and music.

helen dolas with hp