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Carolyn’s Purpose is “being with people as they grow personally and professionally, on a deeper level, using breath, sound, and movement to incorporate the emotional, physical, and spiritual body.”┬áCarolyn invites individuals to enter deeply into the mystery and wisdom of the mind/body/spirit connection, and ways that this is manifested personally in the workplace. Creative arts and cognitive/team building exercises, musical expression, dialogue and discussion are an essential part of the work.

Her work focuses on resulting issues from trauma, and life's central concerns: career transitions, illness, loss, accidents, addictions, self- confidence, relationships and conflict resolution both in the work place and in families. She offers tools to resolve corporate malaise, decreased productivity, and workplace conflict.

Carolyn works extensively with those who are physically challenged as a result of body trauma, such as accidents or surgeries. Her body-centered approaches are an optimal intervention for employees or individuals facing these kinds of issues. In addition, they are also effective with highly intelligent people who over-intellectualize and may be out of touch with their body's wisdom.


Carolyn consults to CEOs, human resource directors and line managers to develop a staff development strategy for small, medium and large companies whose teams and employees require additional support. One on one body-centered coaching for middle and senior management as well as people self employed or seeking to work on personal development outside the work place. Clients explore, identify, experience, process, and release old self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, through body-centered interventions.    « back to menu

1 Day Workshops on:

Negotiating Transitions:

Participants learn ways to find out what they want and how to face life and career transitions with confidence. Participants learn how to identify and clarify their transitions and to translate their desired changes into clear goals, easily and without struggle.    « back to menu

The Language of Success:

Participants learn the language for success, including both verbal and non-verbal language and how to communicate new messages, and use situational role plays for creating what they want. The workshop covers questions, which include: What DO I want? How do I know what I want? Can I create what I want? What messages stop me, or get in the way? Is it OK for me to be successful? Can I have my own business? If so how do I begin?    « back to menu

Retreats and Intensives:

These 4-day workshops are for those who wish to further empower themselves personally and professionally. Participants are invited to explore, their many “body voices” which are distinctive patterns in the way that they breathe, move and make sound. They learn to recognize the connection between words that are spoken and the non-verbal response in the body. Listening to these “body voices” facilitates the next stage of growth by integrating body, mind, and spirit. These 4-day workshops begin on Thursday morning and end on Sunday afternoon. Within the structure of a small select group, usually 7-9 people, each individual sets a goal or has a specific topic of interest to explore during the 4 days. Music, and musical expression, creative arts, cognitive exercises, body dialogue, and the natural environment, are an integral part of the 4 days.    « back to menu

The individual focuses on creating a renewed balance and leaving with a “tool box” of ideas for stepping forward to create new possibilities in life. On top of Meditation Mount, a sacred place in Ojai, with a spectacular view of the valley, participants enter into the process of inquiry, and journaling, in order to deepen the exploration.    « back to menu


In house seminars can be designed to meet specific objectives of companies or small businesses.    « back to menu

Management development:

These sessions include coaching, team building and managerial training to assist employees to develop their management skills in the following ways: enhancing interaction, risk taking, and building integrity in the workplace. Carolyn’s approach, with its focus on the integration of verbal and non-verbal skills, directly enhances ways in which individual employees, teams and businesses clarify communication, accomplish goals, increase productivity and resolve conflicts.    « back to menu

Stress management:

Coaching, seminars or workshops are designed with a specific focus on reducing and managing stress both in the work place and in the family context.    « back to menu

Conflict resolution:

Sessions for couples or groups, or families are provided to solve specific problems that need prompt and effective resolution.    « back to menu

Communication and Problem Solving Skills for Families:

Families are invited to identify and change the communication patterns which undermine effective functioning.    « back to menu

Conference Relaxation Workshop:

Conference organizers often err by not creating ample time on the schedule for delegates to relax and recharge their batteries. Carolyn provides 40 minute movement workshops specifically designed to give conference delegates an opportunity to regenerate to reduce the likelihood of conference overload and burnout.    « back to menu

Conference Brief Relaxation Facilitation:

Carolyn provides 5-7 minute relaxation interludes, at conferences where her specific skills in stretching, using the breath and movement help delegates relax prior to plenary presentations.    « back to menu

Exit Interviews:

Carolyn provides exit interviews, providing a safe environment for employers and small businesses who do not have a human resources department and seek to learn from employees who may be leaving the business under tense or difficult circumstances.    « back to menu