A mentor is often described as a wise teacher or guide. A mentor gives advice or suggestions when asked, is compassionate and affirming, and knows when the person being mentored is ready for the next step.

Chungliang Al Huang describes it as a “two way circular dance.”

Carolyn defines/describes being a mentor as being with someone on their journey. This involves trust, integrity, guiding, support, and truly the two way circular dance. She mentors at risk youth, at places such as Chi Chi Rodriguez’s Youth Academy, students of all ages, graduate students, those in transition, and all those who have been and are in a consulting/coaching/ relationship, or workshops and study. She uses her skills and experience from many years of playing and coaching sports. This includes balancing the deep learning with humor and movement activities.

Carolyn says, “As I get older and wiser, I become a better listener, can see things more clearly (creative ideas and possibilities) and gain a better understanding of this thing we call life! I enjoy being with people as they grow, in the dance of learning and teaching.”


Longest Drive for Women at the Chi Chi Charity Golf Tournament, 2011.

At the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy our mission is to educate and assist at-risk children by improving their self-esteem, character, work ethic, social adjustment and academic performance using the golf course as a living classroom.

Chi Chi is a mentor to “Chi Chi’s kids” and to me!

Chi Chi's Kids

In the picture on the right, Carolyn creates an art project with a group of Chi Chi’s kids at summer camp.

In the following video, Carolyn works with a group of kids at the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy:

Click Here for Video:
Carolyn Teaching Chi Chi's Kids

Push Hands in the Dance of Mentoring

There is movement towards and movement away…give and take. In this dance of life, it is a blending together. Sometimes Carolyn will practice using sound with words such as “yes” and “no” to help this circular movement.

The work will explore the questions that all of us seek to answer: What do I really want? What is really important?

Confidence Signals!

Body language tells others about us, who we are, and how we move and connect with ourselves and others in life. Once you understand the messages that your body movements tell others about you, then you will know what signals you are sending out. Using positive body language is invaluable in interviews, in making presentations and proposals, and in teaching.

You will learn and practice positive, confident body language. Take some time with a friend, and/or sitting on top of a mountain appreciating the beauty.

Design Your Plan!

You will learn specific techniques to discover, understand, and practice using “tools” that create balance personally, relationally and professionally. You will learn to establish clear goals and devise a plan to achieve them.

These are the tools that open the door to career transition and personal direction.