Carolyn invites you to be in life fully

Step into Life!

Step into Life Fully using the power of Breath, Sound and Tai Ji Movement. Discover ways that language, verbal and non-verbal, reflects our thought process and resulting belief systems. Breathe, and Move into the “natural body of balance” as you learn practical ways to help dissolve and unwind the effects of being off balance.

Come join me as we follow this path with ease! Choose and design possibilities that work for you, personally and professionally.

Welcome to this path of life!

What is the Braddock Body Process?

The Braddock Body Process gently uses breath, sound and movement to focus on the body as a whole. The work is based in the ancient art of Tai Ji and Qi Gong philosophy and movement. You are active in the process, in your own timing and rhythm.

You learn to recognize where you are holding tension, and learn ways to unwind trauma and its manifestations, tension and self-limiting beliefs, while integrating the body, mind, and spirit. Music, and musical expression, creative arts exercises, and body dialogue are an integral part of the process. You will develop a “tool box” of new possibilities and ideas for moving forward.

In these times of uncertainty and stress, balance is essential.

There is a sense of freedom as the body awakens and becomes more fluid. Strength comes in fluidity. Breathing and Tai Ji movement play an important part in this work. The focus is on the many “body voices,” the non-verbal cues which are the distinctive patterns in the way a person breathes, moves and makes sound.

“Carolyn is a master of her craft. Her retreat combines a learning experience with meditation and serenity. I have never felt so much peace in my life as under her instruction. I leave her retreat feeling physically stronger, more relaxed and open to life.”

- Lisa G.

It works! The Braddock Body Process is appropriate for recovery from and managing stress and manifestations resulting from many forms of trauma, and life issues. These may include emotional and physical trauma, injury, loss, surgeries, addictions, life transitions, relationships and more. Contact Carolyn for more information.

Body Voices

Using the Power of Breath, Sound and Movement to Heal and Create New Boundaries
      -by Carolyn J. Braddock


Products available: Celadon Elephant Mugs from Northern Thailand, symbol of wisdom and good luck, patience and gentleness, and strength in fluidity.


Framed photo by Lindsey Stammerjohn

Watching Quietly…Watching With Breath

Watch quietly “what is going on.” Be present to “what is going on.” Simply notice. Experiment with this without putting words, names, descriptions, on all that you are experiencing, seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. Watch, and notice, without judging, calling it good or bad, or attempting to change what you notice. Listen carefully to your body. The Braddock Body Process recognizes many “Bodies.” These are:

1. The Emotional/Intellectual Body includes belief systems (what one believes about one's self and the world around them), awareness internally and externally, dissociative states, shame and guilt, accepting the good, and getting what one wants.

2. The Physical Body includes body image, touch, somatic symptoms, injuries, surgeries, and other physical conditions.

3. The Sexual Body includes recovering sexuality, beliefs and incorporated messages about sexuality, and individual sexuality and sexual expression.

4. The Spiritual Body includes the spiritual journey, “addictions as a spiritual hunger,” spiritual beliefs, the body as a whole, voices of the body and soul, and cultural issues.

5. The Relational Body includes the definition of partnership, the “struggle for intimacy,” the meaning of intimacy, the 12 dimensions of intimacy, support systems, and verbal/non-verbal communication.