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The Retreat will combine TWO workshops into one: The Ojai Retreat described below, and one on Specific Strategies to Release Stress quickly and effectively. We will also focus on Metaphors and how they are used and reflected in daily life.

Tune Up and Tune In Find your “Mojo” which is the essence of who you are, and that quality that sets you apart from everyone else. This may also include your passion, purpose, confidence, career choices, transitions, and motivation. Find Balance between “doing” and “being.” Find Rest in the Midst of Stress, with a focus on simple daily, fluid practice of specific techniques to manage and reduce stress. Learn empowering strategies to unwind, and release stress with ease. What is the next step, or goal in your life? How will you get there? What questions would you like answered? Find that breath of “fresh air” in Self Care.

The path at Meditation Mount

The Braddock Body Process is a gentle body-centered approach using breath, sound, and Tai Ji movement and meditation. The work is based in the ancient arts and practices of Tai Ji and Qi Gong, whose philosophy and movement concentrate on the body/mind/spirit as a whole. Consider reflection upon the following “bodies” or areas of focus such as: the intellectual body, the the emotional body, the physical body, the sexual body, the relational body, and the spiritual body.

Learn ways that language, verbal and non-verbal, reflects our thought process and belief systems. These non-verbal cues are the distinctive patterns in the way a person breathes, moves and makes sound. Listening, and paying attention to these “Body Voices” facilitates the next stage of growth by integrating the body, mind, and spirit. Find the rhythm as the body awakens and increases fluidity, which is strength. Be present and in harmony with life. Patterns manifested from traumatic events, past messages, and life situations may keep us “off balance.” In times of uncertainty and stress, balance is essential. Learn ways to be balanced and centered personally and professionally.

the figure eight drawn in beach sand

We will use Breath, Sound, and Movement to help empower, IMMEDIATELY release stress which is so prevalent in our lives, and provide something solid to practice daily. There will be segments on creating what you want financially (emotional issues of money as well) and enhancing and creating intimacy.

There is always time for reflection, creative expression, and attention to lots of ideas, creations, relationships and communication, and ways to move into this mysterious thing we call Life.

a day at the beach

Musical expression, creative arts, cognitive exercises, dialogue, and the natural environment of the mountains and ocean are an integral part of the 4 days. This can be a life changing 4 days where you are actively involved.

Depending upon availability, Ron Borczon, Professor, Music Department Chair and Co-Coordinator of Music Therapy Department at CSUN will join us. He will guide us with drums and other instruments, to find the rhythm and “soul” of our journey. Helen Dolas will also join us with her gift of voice and music. She is Adjunct Professor at CSUN and CEO and Founder of Arts and Services for Disabled. Tony Allina, M.D. from Santa Barbara will also instruct us in Autogenic Training, a form of Somatic Meditation. His voice and words of encouragement as you enter into the wisdom of the body, and interventions using meditation are certainly a gift to use daily.

Tune Up and Tune In!

This is a time to unwind old patterns, and begin to develop new ones. Spend time Being with you! Take that next step in your life. This time is a gift you are giving to you! This is a time to Tune Up and Tune In!

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